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To be the trusted foundation to strengthen the value of the digital environment.

“Itools” the joint stock company was first created to operate Information Technology in 2011, Mongolia. Since 2012, the joint stock company “Itools” has been providing and accommodating consumers and enterprise entities with non-stop services and technology based products such as registering a domain name, web hosting, colocating servers, lease of Virtual Server, and usage of e-mail servers.

The company has been marketing qualified products and services through our educated employees and the outstanding management over the last seven years. Therefore, the company has become the lead corporation in IT field.

The joint stock company “Itools” is currently marketing around 30 products and services and is serving for approximately 7300 clients. In 2015, the company implemented the International standard of TIER II and built a new data centre in order for the company’s future development and to be able to provide non-stop services and products for consumers. The implementation of the international standard and the new data centre brought a reduced level of risk and independence to the products and service servers.

Active businesses and organizations have chosen the company’s main services that are being offered in the market such as a web hosting, dedicated server, introduction of enterprise entity service, and advertisement.

The company’s system administrations work 24/7 with the server and located websites on the internet to make sure they are properly and continually working. However, the company’s customer services work between business hours in order for clients to understand about product and service informations and to receive complains.

Since 2017, “Itools” JSC has been actively operating in two major lines, which are Data center service and Crypto farm service based on blockchain technology. In former years, “Itools” JSC used to export only data center service, but now we have broadened our operation into “Crypto farm” based on blockchain technology, which is attracting public attention worldwide and exporting it into external market.


​Provided 7300 different services and products for 13 countries worldwide.


Repeated 128 thousand hosting, 25 thousand virtual servers, 6.5 thousand physical servers are rented for service


Export 200 different products and services to the customers.


Replacing annually 1 million USD hosting and other placement services, which were exported before.

  • "iTools" JSC was established.

    “iTools” JSC was established in 2011 and was granted their federal registration certificate to operate in information technology in Mongolia.

  • First infrastructure was set up.

    From the time of establishment, we have been doing our own IT infrastructure blueprint and started the significant project of setting up the infrastructure.

  • Preliminary arrangements are complete.

    The company’s infrastructure has been settled and technical solutions have been made and ready to welcome and serve new customers.

  • "iTools" JSC acquired a real state in its ownership and moved to a new office

    The company has set up in their own real estate office and got ready to welcome customers.

  • “Host Mongolia” LLC’s customers were transferred to iTools JSC.

    The number of customers increased by gaining “Host Mongolia” LLC’s customers thus the company’s operations expanded.

  • Main equipment’s capacity was increased in double.

    “iTools” JSC has been continually improving the infrastructure and increased the technical capacity twofold.

  • Became a member of Mongolian website association NGO.

    “iTools” JSC has become a member of “Mongolian website association” NGO and started our partnership by attending the activities held by the association.

  • Started to use own data center that qualifies TIER II standardization.

    “iTools” JSC started to use the company owned data center with infrastructure that qualifies the International TIER II standardization.

  • Became a member of APNIC (Asia Pacific Network Information Center) .

    “iTools” JSC became a member of APNIC which opened up countless opportunities to broaden our data center’s operation.

  • Modular data center’s research and project development started.

    Since established, “iTools” JSC has been planning to build its own backup data center. The project to build the backup data center started being developed.

  • Launched business e-mail service.

    At the time business e-mails that are developed overseas were broadly used throughout Mongolia, “iTools” JSC launched domestically developed business e-mails that is developed in Mongolia and used on their own domain name.

  • Was granted “Joint stock company” and issued shares in primary market.

    According to the decree 173 of Financial regulatory commission on 27 September 2017, the company’s stocks were offered to the public and iTools was granted to become Joint Stock Company and issued its first stocks in the primary market.

  • "iTools JSC"-’s stocks established a new IPO record in the primary market.

    Total of 17 companies launched IPO through Mongolian Stock Exchange. The 18th company, the first issuer from information technology sector, became iTools JSC.

  • Signed cooperation agreement with IBM Corporation.

    Started cooperation with substantial international corporation IBM and both sides signed the cooperation agreement.

  • Development of modular data center in Darkhan city started.

    The company’s great project of Modular data center’s construction was began in Darkhan city.

  • The first shareholders’ meeting was held.

    On 8 January 2018, iTools JSC’s first shareholders’ meeting was held in Mongolian Information Technology Park’s meeting hall (#211) from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

  • Awarded for “Stock market developer” company.

    Within MNB’s Time wheel news program, “Time wheel heroes” celebratory banquet was held and iTools JSC became the first in information technology sector to receive an award for “Stock market developer” company.

  • "iTools" JSC’s CEO was newly appointed.

    On 5 April 2018, Tamir Bayarsaikhan was appointed as the CEO of the first stock issuer in information technology sector, “iTools” JSC.

  • Began exporting blockchain technology based services.

    “iTools” signed cooperation agreement with Japan’s information technology leader, UNIMEDIA Inc.

  • Joined Mongolian joint stock companies’ association.

    iTools joined as a main member of Mongolian joint stock companies’ association and received a membership certificate. Mongolian joint stock companies’ association is an NGO which consists of voluntarily consolidated Mongolian joint stock companies that are registered in stock exchange institute and issue stocks to the public.

  • Signed cooperation agreement with “KHUR” the state information exchange system.

    National Data Center and iTools JSC signed cooperation agreement. This memorandum’s main purpose is to develop an e-governance that promptly delivers the state information exchange KHUR system’s data to the private sector.

  • Crypto mining farm started operating.

    One of the two projects based in Darkhan city, Crypto mining farm’s opening was held and started its operation.

  • AFC – Asia Frontier Fund became the strategic investor of "iTools" JSC.

    Investment fund AFC, registered in Hong Kong, became the strategic investor of “iTools” JSC. In the first half of 2018, iTools JSC started several cooperation with international business organizations and this has attracted much attention from central Asian investment funds.

  • iTools JSC was awarded for “Best innovation in service sector”

    Pursuant to the Article 17.1.11 of the Innovation law and “National innovation award granting regulation” adopted by the decree 49 of the Government of 2018, the product and service which was created by Mongolian person’s

  • The 8th anniversary of “iTools” JSC was celebrated.

    “iTools” JSC has been operating continuously since its establishment and celebrated its 8th anniversary on April 11, 2019.

  • Shareholders' meeting was successfully organized.

    On April 24, 2019, the shareholders meeting of “iTools” JSC was held for 3 hours in the conference hall No. 211 of the Information Technology National Park between 15:00 and 18:00.

  • Successfully introduced payment card information security standard.

    The introduction of the international standard PCI DSS standard for data center information security has reduced the risk of significant loss of customer financial information.

  • Introduced national CLOUD service.

    “iTools” JSC has introduced to the market the “ICS” service developed on the first cloud technology available to the public in Mongolia.

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Domain name registration

.MN domain name which represents Mongolia is not only used in Mongolia, but also in many foreign countries. We also sell over 40 domain names that express the line of business which included .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, .INFO, .TV, .ASIA, and .NAME.

Co-location service

Environment that meets international standardization, high speed internet connection, backup linkage, high capacity server based on a data center powered by diesel power plant, setting up based on networking and privatization equipment.

Web hosting service

Web hosting means setting up a web site in the Internet and providing with web server. We offer you fast and reliable hosting service that can meet the needs of both simple blogs and bigger sites that need high features.

Additional services

International touchstone WAF (Web Application Firewall), new security service which protects external intrusions from web-based applications and web servers, is launched. Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a web-based application that protects web servers from external intrusions. “iTools” JSC has over 20 accompanying services including security service SSL, WAF, Backup, Static IP address, and Mass mail.

E-mail service

Working without e-mail is unimaginable in this era of information technology is broadly used in everyday activities. Even though Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail are used worldwide and free of charge, they cannot define your organization’s reputation, business ethics and reliability.