Business email

The e-mails we use every day, such as Yahoo and Gmail, are free and widely used services around the world, but they do not represent your organization, reputation, business culture, or credibility. Business emails have the advantage over personal emails in that they create and use official emails based on your domain name.

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We offer you

Business email


/ YEAR / Захиалах
  • Email capacity – 5 GB
  • Number of sending emails within 1 hour – 100
  • File attachment size of each email – 25 MB



Customers may register the desired number of email on your own domain name.

Spam and Virus Protection

Our storage architecture ensures that your data is always safe and always available. Virus Protection scans incoming messages and automatically rejects them if they contain a virus. Take greater control of your inbox and effectively filter a higher percentage of viruses and spam.

E-Mail Security

You need the best email security available to protect your organization. First time in Mongolia, we provide email services for business purpose. Independently, iTools will take 100% responsibility. Moreover, emails can be stored in dedicated backup server by customers’ needs.

E-Mail Usage

Usable from Phone, tablet and computers. Can be configured on client softwares such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla ThunderBird, Eudora, Entourage 2004 and Windows Mail.

24/7 Technical Support

Our technical support is available 24/7. You can submit your ticket to get your queries resolved via phone or chat.


User cannot modify their email. Only deletion is available. Each mailbox can receive up to 10’000 emails per day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to order a business e-mail service? – after registering in the user system, go to the “Order new service” menu from the “Service” menu and order the business e-mail service.

  • Is it possible to order business e-mail without domain ?

    Business e-mail works in connection to the domain. Therefore, it is needed to have domain.

  • How much is the capacity?

    Each e-mail has a capacity of 5GB.

  • Is it possible to use from smart phone?

    It is possible to adjust the phone’s own e-mail application or Gmail application and use your business mail.

  • How much does a business email cost?

    1 e-mail costs 27,500 MNT /includin VAT/ with a 1-year subscription fee.

  • Causes of getting registered in Bizmail Spam ?

    It mostly depends on the usage of your mailing service. For instance, using weak encryption passwords can result in many spam mails being sent out from your e-mail. Logging in and using your e-mail with an equipment infected with virus and attempting to send an e-mail to non-existent e-mails can also be a cause.

  • Issues with mails being adjusted to an equipment?

    If your mail was ordinarily working on your equipment with adjustments and then stopped working, go to and test your mail. If the mail is tested as normal by, our mailing service is ordinarily operating, and you need to check your adjustments.

  • How to control you e-mail accounts ?

    From website’s customer system you can choose your own bizmail service and change the passwords of the mails your created and monitor the usage. Also, you can delete and add new account.

  • The difference between POP and IMAP adjustment ?

    IMAP adjustment your mail address will be written both on mail server and the equipment.

    POP adjustment you mail address will be written only on your equipment. In other words, your e-mails will be written from the server into the equipment. In the cases of deleting your e-mail or losing your equipment can result in …vanish… your e-mails.

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