Payment Options

НүүрPayment Options


Invoice: The payment term ranges from 7 to 30 days depending on the service’s termination date and the invoice is sent to the e-mail that is registered in your customer system. If you want to get information though your phone, check “receive message”. Total amount charged includes the value added tax in that service’s term.  You can login to your customer on our website itools.mnand check your registration information, services you get from us, and your payment information and history.

Online payment

Online payment: You can make your payment without losing anytime using bank cards for 24 hours. You can use mobile banking or Internet banking services of Khan bank, Golomt bank, Trade and development bank of Mongolia, and State bank. Receiver: iTools JSC Transaction description: Invoice reference number, domain address, company’s registry number Paying at a bank: You can visit the closest branch of any bank to you and make transaction.

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