Director’s Greetings

НүүрDirector’s Greetings


Thank you very much for visiting the Itools JSC’s website and getting to know us. We are a representative of the new generation of information technology industry and a data center service provider company in Mongolia, and on behalf of our shareholders, customer organizations and the community, we wish you all the best.

In this time, we live and work, you will agree that the most growing use for business organizations as well as individuals is the immeasurable amount of information and data. Thus, Itools Data center, fully compliant with international TIER II standards and with 99.99% uninterrupted performance, offers you the opportunity to place and continuously use the rapidly growing data in a technological environment. Our highly skilled, experienced and energetic team operates 24/7/365 to securely store and protect your information.

Our normal life has become digitized, the internet has become necessary in many aspects, the amount of people’s photos and data has exceeded the capacity of mobile phones and computers, and private databases have been rented in the cloud environment. Government and private sector organizations continue to adopt information technology advancements that are the catalyst for electronic development to digitize their operations, increase the quality of their services, and make it easier for their customers.

In line with this, the operation of the data center, which is the backbone of information technology, has expanded and will continue to grow in the future. Today, there are more than 8,000 data centers operating in more than 100 countries and the data capacity has reached 60 zettabytes (1027), and in the last 15 years, the data capacity of all data centers in the world has increased 150 times. In the next 3 years, it is estimated that the capacity will be ten times more than the current capacity.

We are pleased to mention that in anticipation of this market expansion, we have invested 1.3 billion MNT for the development of a new generation of cloud solutions. As a result of this strategic decision, our current and future customers, start-ups, and companies that are major representatives of the financial, education, healthcare, media, and e-commerce sectors that are growing strongly in the market using technological advances, will have the opportunity to move to the national cloud system and accelerate their business.

Also, this year, we are increasing the space and system capacity of our data center, and we are working to create long-term stable operations by implementing the ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 27001 Information Security Management System standards.

As part of the company’s mid-term strategic goals, it intends to build and operate data centers that meet Tier III standards in Ulaanbaatar and Darkhan cities and expand its operations not only domestically but also internationally.

We, the team of Itools company, are happy to further strengthen the trust of our shareholders and customers, and to create a mutually beneficial partnership and fast-growing business together.

Good luck.

Chief Executive Director

Munkhjargal Chimedkhishig